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here's a desktop wallpaper picture i took at canal rocks in western australia this january.

this november, i'm back at hbs, participating in the final stage (module 5) of the program for leadership development.

we're presenting an interactivity demo at chi 2013 called the voice harvester. video is here

we have a paper accepted for the pervasive displays symposium in palo alto in june

our journal paper in design and technoloy eduction 7.3 is out

i recently gave a closing keynote at nordichi 2012

i gave a seminar at stanford university entitled 'the new good', on fri oct 28 2011. slides are here

i have a paper accepted for iasdr 2011

gave a talk at chi 2011 on a paper called "the new good: exploring the potential of philosophy of technology to contribute to human-computer interaction", here are the slides (yes, lots of text!).

more funding, nice.

i have two papers accepted for chi 2011!

i just got funding!

with erik stolterman, i have a paper accepted for the journal digital creativity

me and ru zarin have a paper accepted for the conference colour & light in architecture

this summer, i'll be presenting papers at create10 and at the 4S annual meeting

the human technology journal has accepted a paper i've co-authored with john

my two new papers in ai & society are now available on springerlink (here and here)

two papers accepted for iasdr 2009

i have two upcoming papers in ai & society

here's a press release about my new lab (swedish only, sorry)

we have a paper accepted for next year's include conference in london

ijcit has accepted my paper on desktop computing as paradigm

participated in the program committee meeting for chi 2009 in boston

i have a chi workshop paper accepted on the issue of sustainability and the good life

i gave an invited talk at t-labs in berlin, nov 24.

my new paper in design issues is out

i gave a talk at the from business to buttons conference in malmo, june 12-13. slides are here

i'm giving two lectures at stanford, tue apr 8 on cscw and thu apr 10 on ubiquitous computing. see cs376. slides are here and here

i recently gave a research seminar on studio culture at stanford university

here's the new soft glass leopard dock, designed to be less in your face than apple's original.

here's the abb powerwall clip

this flash thing displays my thesis abstract in a somewhat new way. the original, ripped flash source is here.

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reality helmet teaser movie

here's a picture of me
presenting at siggraph 2003

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too have a mirror site

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you've reached daniel fallman, researcher and interaction designer.
I employ user-centered interaction design skills and techniques to prototype, build, and evaluate new forms of engaging interactions between humans, technology, and environments. I have more than 10 years experience in leading and coaching high-performing creative teams, empowering them to deliver outstanding results.
i'm a full professor of human-computer interaction in the department of informatics at umeň university, umeň, sweden. i also hold a position as senior researcher and chairman of the senior research group at interactive institute swedish ict in stockholm, sweden.
2012 to 2013, i participated in the program for leadership development at harvard business school, obtaining harvard university alumni status in 2013.
in 2011, i received a young researcher career award from umeň university.
2008 to 2013, i was the studio director of interactive institute swedish ict umeň, where i built and led an alluring team of some very creative interaction designers, researchers, doctoral students, and engineers specializing in experimental, future-oriented interaction design. make sure to check out our recent projects.
i'm still affiliated with the lab, supervising three talented ph.d. students: jeroen peeters, nic true, and ru zarin. another ph.d. student of mine, camille moussette, graduated in 2012 and now works for apple in cupertino. his ph.d. thesis won designfakulteten's (the swedish faculty for design research and research education) design research award for the best ph.d. thesis in design in 2013.
in the spring of 2008, i was visiting professor with the hci group in the computer science department at stanford university.
from 2004 to 2008, i was the head of research at umeå institute of design, directing and leading umeň design research group. i'm still affiliated with uid, now mostly by supervising phd students.

contact information
e-mail is generally the preferred means of communication since i am often in between places. contact information is as follows:
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e-mail: dfallman@gmail.com
mail: interactive institute swedish ict umeň
÷stra strandgatan 26c
se-903 33 umeå, sweden
web: dfallman.com
join me on: linkedin

please click here for a full list of publications.

design projects
i'm still involved in quite a number of hands-on design projects. check out the portfolio page for info on some of these (i struggle to keep this somewhat up to date).
there's also information here about some of the work i've been involved in as head of the umea design research group.

here's the complete list of my publications. below are a few selected papers:

fallman, d. (2011) the new good: exploring the potential of philosophy of technology to contribute to human-computer interaction, chi 2011, acm press.

fallman, d. & moussette, c. (2011) sketching with stop motion animation, acm interactions, volume xviii.2, march + april (pp. 57-61), new york, ny: acm press.

fallman, d. (2008) the interaction design research triangle of design practice, design exploration, and design studies, design issues, 24.3, p. 4-18, mit press.

fallman, d. (2003) design-oriented human-computer interaction, chi 2003, acm press, pp. 225-232.

fallman, D. (2003) in romance with the materials of mobile interaction: a phenomenological approach to the design of mobile information technology, doctoral thesis, umea university, sweden: larsson & co.

i'm into quite a lot of different things, like sushi, cooking, scuba diving, playing the guitar, italy, all grain home brewing, and so on, but when it comes to stuff i do at the office, that's interaction design and human-computer interaction (hci), including human-centered design, mobile interaction, design theory and practice and their relationship, and a wee bit of philosophy of technology. i also try to keep at least one eye on what's going on in graphical design, typography, programming and software development, ubiquitous computing, information visualization, and continental philosophy, especially phenomenology.
in terms of community, i belong to human-computer interaction (hci), and perhaps even more accurately so to its design wing, interaction design. some see interaction design as something very different from hci. i don't. i rather think of interaction design as an improved perspective on what hci is all about. to me, the current interest in interaction design is a sign of health, reflecting that hci might finally be recovering from its bad case of cognitivism and slowly reinventing itself as the technology-oriented design discipline it has always been.

what i do
as senior executive vice president of research at interactive institute swedish ict, i work with the management, strategy, quality assurance, and coaching of all of our seven research groups. 2009 to 2013, i built up, managed, and led a team of highly talented, multidisciplinary design researchers at interactive institute swedish ict umeň, that carries out experimental, prototype-driven interaction design research projects with a number of world-leading industry partners. i also supervise ph.d. students, and carry out theoretical and academic research in hci, interaction design, and design research. right now, i have a particular interest in trying to work out the intricate triangular relationship between design practice (i.e. designing stuff that works and fits in), explorative design (i.e. designing what's possible or ideal), and design studies (i.e. making sense of and generalizing design and design work).
my earlier work has addressed the design and use of mobile information technology, with a particular focus on developing novel, alternative interaction styles; taking off from a theroretical interest in the concepts of embodiment and engagement.
in this, i have had a longstanding theoretical curiosity with aspects of the phenomenological discourse, primarily drawing on merleau-ponty, ihde, borgmann, and, obviously, on the notorious heidegger.

in the making
currently, my own research is focused on three partly overlapping themes:
first, i'm extending my previous work in the area of post-desktop computing, focusing on issues of meaning, involvement, engagement, and embodiment, and applying this to interaction design within the area of internet of things: one of the most important new waves of computing. see this.
second, i'm innovating new and working to improve existing sketching techniques aimed specifically for interaction designers, that may or may not have traditional sketching skills in their repertoire. these new sketching techniques deal specifically with aspects central to interaction design, such as fluidity, transitions, dynamics, and time. as an example, see this paper.
third, in a post-usability hci and interaction design landscape, i'm interested in 'new goods', i.e. new concepts that might come to if not replace at least complement usability as the overarching design ideal. specifically, my work in this area focuses on meaning, engagement, and embodiment as new design ideals. here's a paper with more on this.



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